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AWeber On Steroids

AW Pro Tools powers up your AWeber marketing in minutes.

  • Do more
  • Earn more
  • Grow your list faster

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  • Tag Subscribers

    Tag Subscribers When They Click Your Email Links.

    Do you realize how powerful (and profitable) it is to tag your subscribers based on their actions?

    When you can send out targeted broadcasts to specific segments of your audience based on what they've clicked on in your prior emails - your sales go up, your email complaints go down, and your subscribers feel like you're having a one-on-one conversation with them.

  • Move or Copy

    Move or Copy Subscribers to Another List with One Click

    Never before has it been possible with AWeber to send out a special tracking link in your emails that lets you move or copy someone to a new list when they click. You can bypass the extra optin and bypass the confirmation link. As far as your subscriber knows, they just clicked a link. But AW Pro Tools automates your follow up marketing in a way you've never been able to do before.

    "Smart Link" Technology built into AW Pro Tools gives you access to marketing techniques that used to cost several hundred dollars per month with an AWeber competitor. Now you can avoid the headache and hassle of switching your email provider and save a ton of money.

  • Lists Clean Up

    Daily lists cleanup.

    Automatically delete unsubscribed subscribers from a specific lists that you choose. You can reduce your monthly fees by cleaning out your lists of unsbuscribes.

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  • Auto Move

    Automatically Move Subscribers to a New List When They Reach the End of Your Autoresponder Sequence

    AW Pro Tools lets you create "Automation Robots" that automatically detect when a subscriber has received all of the autoresponders in a specific list. You can instruct your robot to move the subscribers to a new list and from there on out it's "set it and forget it".

  • Detailed Stats

    Detailed Stats

    Quickly see how many clicks your Smart Links are getting. Zoom in on the details or zoom out. Intuitive and powerful data for improving your email marketing through AWeber.

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Look What Else You Can Do With AW Pro Tools

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Moves On Link Click

across multiple

How to automatically segment your AWeber list without an optin form
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Daisy Chains Lists Together

across multiple

How to Daisy Chain AWeber lists together
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Builds Your Buyers List

across multiple

How to automatically move new clients to a buyers' list
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Deletes Unsubscribes

across multiple

How to delete unsubscribes automatically (and get them back on your list)
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Tags Subscribers

across multiple

How to tag AWeber subscribers and know what links they clicked
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Timed Video Triggers

across multiple

How to move or tag subscribers based on video engagement
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AW Pro Tools is easily the single greatest marketing tool ever for AWeber. Hands down.

Frank Kern

EVERYONE using AWeber should be using AW Pro Tools

Ryan Lee

Been using AW Pro Tools for years. It really should be a prerequisite for every power-user of AWeber…
… and I define a “power-user” as *any* marketer that uses email as a channel to build a loyal following of enthusiastic fans and raving, lifelong customers.
AWeber should have been shouting about AWPT ages ago IMHO. Andre Chaperon

I love Aw Pro Tools, been using it for almost two years, glad to see Aweber talking about it. The tagging and automation have made a huge impact on my profitability. We just starting using it in a new venture in the golf market, where it will be especially powerful for all the segmenting and cross selling we are going to be doing. Ben Settle

Any marketer using Aweber would be CRAZY not to use AW Pro Tools. It just flat-out gives you a serious competitive advantage over the marketers who aren't. And that's why I tell all my clients who use Aweber that it's a MUST-HAVE tool. Period. Todd Brown

We’ve used (and recommend) AW Pro Tools for years. One of the things that we’ve found most powerful is using it to build sub “interest” lists. For example, we recently ran a promotion where we built a small 2,000 person sub-list to promote an affiliate offer on a $450K launch and came in 2nd place in that launch. It allows us to promote offers to the most relevant segments of our list without fatiguing our entire list as a whole. Ryan Levesque

This is a game changer for anyone using AWeber.

PS - I was referred by Tom Kulzer himself... nice affiliate to have! Justin Brooke, Expert Media Buyer

I have started to heavily integrate AW Pro Tools into my business.

You have a terrific product here Jack. Ben Cummings, Chiropractic Marketing Expert

I tell you... I am amazed!!

Thank you for creating such a FANTASTIC product! Allison Miura

AW Pro Tools rocks! Finally! An email system with marketers in mind! Thanks Jack and AW Pro Tools for bringing the sanity back into automated email. Enoch Sears

AW Pro Tools not only saves me time with its automation features, but I'm also seeing revenues grow because of features like the mobile button and universal email formatter. I'm barely scratching the surface of its features, but I'm a happy customer who'll be digging deeper into the toolset this year to save even more time and further improve my conversions/increase revenues. Johnn Four

Thanks for this awesome tool ... EXACTLY what I was looking for and couldn't believe I hadn't heard of it before now. Trying to wrap my brain around all of the possibilities. Debra Reed

I have boosted all my product based series to 30 emails each, so if someone signs up on one, they get 30 days of targeted messaging on the same product, after which time they are automagically shifted accross to my main broadcast list now. Sales tracked to the AR sequences have more than doubled since the transition, and I'm paying a fair bit less for my list due to less duplication of names. Sweet! Jonathan Boettcher

I did a promotion last week and mailed to a custom segment built from subscribers who clicked my AW Pro Tools link from the initial couple of mailing - that segmented mailing generated a landslide of additional sales and I'm sure it's because I was able to target subscribers who had looked at my offer but not yet "bitten" :) Excited to see what else this can do! Kristen Burgess

I've been using AW Pro Tools for some time now and this awesome app does what I need and more when it comes to automation marketing using AWeber and at a price tag significantly less than other solutions for the same features. I am more than happy to recommend this to anyone using AWeber and of course to my clients and friends for all their marketing needs using Aweber. Kostas Papadakis


I have to say, I should have used this tool way sooner as I will continue to use for as long as I am using Aweber, which is forever :) My followup open rates has literally tripled. I was stuck at the 20-25% open rates, now I am seeing consistent 80%-100% open rates between the first 3-4 consecutive emails Mike Bashi

Some cool stuff I’ve done using AW Pro Tools:

1. Use the “Smart Pixel” to tag people who attend an automated webinar. That way they’re moved from the “registered” list to the “attended” list and that way I can talk to them differently.
2. Clean up my lists and unsubscribes – very handy since I have some people on multiple lists for segmenting purposes.
3. Tag people who clicked a link saying they’re interested in a special offer, then email them separately — so I’m hyper-targeting my emails.

That’s just a few things off the top of my head. LOVING this tool! Ronnie Nijmeh

AW Pro Tools is awesome! Nowadays it’s so important to segment your audience and tailor your communication to what a particular subscriber is interested in…
(The days of “one size fits all” email marketing are numbered…)
And AWPT is the *perfect* tool for doing this. Kudos to Jack for creating such a useful piece of software, couldn’t do business without it! Will Hamilton

I’m a MASSIVE fan of AW pro tools – It’s made my life a lot easier.
For example, there are a number of different interest groups in my market (health), and it doesn’t really make much sense to send unrelated product pitches to them constantly on my list. So what I’ve ended up using it for is breaking up my list into little “mini course” groups – and then I just will do launches & deliver targeted info to specifically targeted groups.
It’s been a huge help, and it’s very smooth (not requiring them to fill out their info again). Take me 5 secs to set up a new link too. Alexander Heyne

This is such a needed tool.

Stoked to see Aweber finally talking about it – you’re going to help a lot of business owners Ryan Masters

I don’t often get excited about marketing tools any more, but Oh My Freaking God! This suite of tools is friggin’ awesome! I really don’t have words to describe how badass AW Pro Tools is.
Let me just say that I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of using a few of the tools and I’m in heaven. I can’t wait to watch all the tutorials on how to use all of the tools.
Jack has done a bang-up job on extending the functionality of Aweber, to the point where you really don’t need ANYTHING else to earn some serious dough in whatever space you’re in.
AW Pro Tools gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION. Bill Davis

Aw Pro Tools is a must have if you are using Aweber and I appreciate Jack and his team for adding new features to support all our technical needs. Daniel Chiteji

I make every client I work with that uses Aweber setup AW Pro Tools, as it makes my job 10x easier to implement smarter follow up and segmentation to their prospects and clients. Stoked Aweber is embracing it and promoting it! Every Aweber user should get it. Josh Long

I am a French Aweber AND a fresh AW Pro Tools. I have quickly see the potential to connect this wonderful tool to my email marketing business. Great job and very useful! David Ruggieri