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I get asked a lot "do you have an affiliate program". The answer is yes, however, I want to give focused attention to a handful of key partners I can develop a great working relationship with. So instead of opening up the affiliate program to anyone and everyone, I want to make sure it's a good fit. For both of us.

If you have an audience that uses Aweber or you know how to find and reach them - I welcome you to fill out the short form below and I'll contact you soon.

AW Pro Tools is a hot product for the right audience.

Complete These 4 Questions

All questions are required and please be as specific as possible and write as much as you think would help.

Q1: Tell me about your audience and your business. Why would it make sense for you to promote AW Pro Tools?

Q2: Tell me about how you typically promote. Is your strong suit webinars, or email, or video?

Q3: How can I get in touch if it sounds like a good fit?

Q4: Are you willing to integrate AW Pro Tools into your automated follow up marketing after the first rollout to your audience?