The Team

Jack Born

Jack Born

My passion is creating tools that make marketing easier. From the day in 2002 when I said good bye to Corporate America I've been honing my marketing chops and my programming skills.

I've been using AWeber since the very beginning of my online marketing career. What's that now... over 10 years? But eventually I wanted to start incorporating more advanced behavorial marketing automation and discovered it just couldn't be done with AWeber - and so I created a tool to make it easy. That's how AW Pro Tools was born.

The feedback has been overwhelming and I'm honored to have the chance to share AW Pro Tools with you. I hope it helps you grow your business as it has done for others.

Milos and Alex

Milos and Alex

Although I created the version of AW Pro Tools that launched in October 2012, to deliver a superior product and grow AW Pro Tools to everything it could be - I hired several genius programmers.

Milos and Alex have been pivotal in helping me bring my ideas to life and I'm excited to be working with them.

Milos writes code that is... well, damn sexy. (Ok, maybe it takes a coder to see code as sexy. But believe me there's a difference between nasty tangled code and sexy beautiful code.) He's always on a lookout for new technologies which could make his code better and more efficient

Alex is a skilled web developer, specifically focused on front end programming. He loves trying out new user interface solutions and in that way improving the overall user experience. It's common for me to give him a task and he comes back with a better way of bringing it to life.

Heidi Ann Del Rosario

Heidi Ann Del Rosario

Heidi is my latest hire and she helps me with customer support.

She has a MBA and a masters degree in psychology. She's also kind, compassionate and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Andre Chaperon

Andre "Email Ninja" Chaperon

Andre Chaperon was one of the first people to hear about this crazy idea I had for turbo charging AWeber. Not only did he love the idea - but he helped shape the product, test it, and eventually champion it.

His ability to build a rabid fan base through emails is near legendary. On the rare event that Andre decides to endorse someone else's product it's common for him to outsell everyone else, even though he may only send the email to a comparatively small sub list.

When you read an email from Andre, prepare to be hooked instantly and looking forward with anticipation and suspense for the next email he'll send out.

Andre's not just a wicked smart marketer but a great guy and someone I'm proud to call a friend.